Monday, November 30, 2009

Mother's Pancake House & Restaurant, Aurora

Mother's Pancake House & Restaurant
459 N Randall Rd
Aurora, IL 60506


November 23, 2009

We've already reviewed the original Mother's on Galena Blvd -- over three years ago when we were just starting this blog -- so this entry on their newest location will be extremely brief. I don't remember exactly when they opened their new restaurant on Randall Road, but I think it's been open for nearly a year. I don't know what took us so long to drop by, but now that we have, I don't know if we'll be going back to their original location again! That's most certainly an endorsement, albeit the sort of one that the owners probably didn't bargain for.

I ordered the pumpkin pancakes, which may or may not still be available beyond Thanksgiving, now that Christmas and all its seasonal-themed foods are upon us. These were very good. The pumpkin taste is very deep and rich, and the artificial sweetness that's so common in this dish elsewhere was nowhere to be found. The light dusting of cinnamon sugar (?) on top was a nice touch. What will I get next time? I have no idea, though I'm sure that the menu is identical to the one at their sister location, where I've never found myself for lack of tempting choices.


Ayinsan here. I got my usual favorite--Cinnamon roll French toast. It's just as tasty here as it is in the other location, served with cinnamon butter and cream cheese frosting. I don't really want to think about how many calories are in this, but it's absolutely delicious.


Overall, this restaurant is a bit more attractive than the other. Our server was friendly and came back to our booth several times to ask if there was anything else we needed.

We were given rolls, which you don't always get with breakfast--once, at the other location, someone started to give us a basket and then actually tried to take it away when they realized we were getting pancakes. As if I'd ever turn down a refined carbohydrate. Toast with my French toast? A muffin with my waffle? Why, sure! Then I'll eat that little orange-slice on my plate so I can feel like I've had a serving of fruit along with my mountain of various breads.

In all the time we've been doing this blog, there have been only a couple incidents where someone noticed and commented on our camera...but when they do, it's always with a touch of nervousness, as if they think we're here to sell their corporate secrets to a rival breakfast chain. In this case, the hostess asked about it when we came in. Playfully: "Sooo, I notice you have a camera..." Then, with a slight edge of suspicion creeping into her voice: "What is it for?" Relax, we're not government spies, we just run a pancake blog.


Mark Sloat said...

We were there about 3 weeks ago. It was good. I would certainly go back again.

Anonymous said...
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Tinker7 said...

I was curious about this restaurant, and realized that there are two, neither of which I have been, too. The cinnamon swirl french toast looks very yummy. I like that you have included some other dishes beyond pancakes, even though that does seem to be the point of your blog, it is nice to know some other things offered. I think it would be nice to at least include prices of the items you buy, because not all the places have websites I can check this on. :)