Monday, March 24, 2008

Golden Acres Restaurant, Sugar Grove

Golden Acres Restaurant
5S094 State Route 47
Sugar Grove, IL 60554

March 20, 2008


According to my parents, the Golden Acres Restaurant has been open since before I was even born. Based on watching most of the customers that I've seen there on each of my visits, this doesn't seem surprising. It's the closest restaurant to Waubonsee Community College, which borders it directly to the west just across route 64 47, but as far as I can tell, it's never been a hangout spot for students (as if such destinations exist for community college students at all). I know there was talk of it closing a few years ago, but as far as I can tell, it's always been open. I could have sworn that its full name was "Candy's Golden Acres." Maybe it still is?

You won't find much beyond traditional pancakes and waffles at Golden Acres. The selection is pretty basic, but the prices are reasonable. Without much to choose from, I just ordered some pancakes. But still, which to choose from? There's the "short stack" for $3.65, or the Golden Pancakes for $3.95. What's the difference? Who cares! They're called Golden Pancakes, and I had to find out why. Sadly, they failed to live up to their awe-inspiring name. But however could they?


Not much more to say about Golden Acres. If you want a restaurant with a roadside diner vibe (only without the smoking cooks or biker gangs) and cheap food, you've come to the right place. Just be sure to bring cash.

GoldenAcresDiningRoom1 GoldenAcresDiningRoom2

Ayinsan here. One of the nice things about this blog is that it gives us a reason to visit pancake houses that are kind of off the beaten path, and this is about as far off the path as they come. Surrounded by fields and trees, this is pretty much the only building in sight (except for maybe a grain silo).

We'd been here once before, awhile back, and my memories of it were pretty accurate. Small, mostly empty (though that could have been the time of day--we came in around early afternoon) and peaceful. I got pigs in a blanket. Yum.


All things considered, it's a nice little place, but their selection is rather limited. They have a few breakfast combos, of varying sizes, called, in descending order: "for dad," "for mom," and "for children." Cute, but it places the customers in an awkward position if they want to order one of these combos, but don't fit the description. I mean, I'm not a mom so I'd feel a little weird ordering the "for mom" combo, and even weirder ordering the "for dad" combo.


RO said...

sounds like there's not much of anything it even good??
I think that the look of the place may steer people away from it...
and FYI-the road that you cross to get to Waubonsee is called 47....64 runs perpendicular to it, and to totally different towns

Deb said...

I've read the comments, I think its a crack up that we are under Illinois Pancakes. We are just a basic neighborhood restaurant, that has been around for years. We serve a very basic breakfast and lunch, our hours are 6:00am - 2:00pm. Our Customers consist of Truckers, Bikers, Requlars, WCC teachers and students, and Friends. If your'e looking for Crepes and Lattes, this is not the place. If your looking for good food and great service come on in! Hope to see you soon!

biker cathy said...

And what is wrong with bikers? I'm a biker.I think JOE has to much free time on his hands. If that all he has to do is complain about ever resturant he goes in. I feel so for him. I enjoy going to small resturant they generally have very good food. maybe on my next ride I'll stop in and I'm sure I will enjoy the food and the service

Steve said...

9/12/10 - Found this listing online. Got together with some freinds and rode our bikes out for breakfast. Service was good, nice breakfast selection. I had the "Chorizo Skillet" lots of melted cheese and english muffin. I can't complain about anything. The experience was all that I expected.

Laura Coyomani said...

Wrong ot NOT this restaurant has been under new management and the servive food and place are outstanding we have a great cook
the food is awsome special everyday we have omelets crepes burgers soup salads skilets and anything good you can think of the new rigtfull owner name is Gabriel Coyomani if u have any question you can talk to him also something good we have is order out. We also have dessert you can have delicios cakes n ect.. Hope you have a great day visting GOLDEN ACRES a great restaurant you would love to visit again.

Tinker7 said...

It's nice that it's under new management, and glad to see that there is a new sign considering the place was looking really run down. I would suggest to you, Laura C., that you may want to remove your comment and have someone proofread it for you. I have never eaten at Golden Acres, and would be interested, but if you are the wife or child of Gabriel, it reflects poorly on the restaurant using bad grammar and spelling. Just glad that it's on a small blog, and not a newspaper article.

Ed O'Rourke said...

I remember shooting a commercial at this place in 2007. Unfortunately, the restaurant was not open that day, so I didn't get to try it. But my wife and I have been meaning to get out there sometime.

The director had these huge, cardboard letters attached to the roof: G-A-S, to make it look more like a gas station. We shot a LOT of interior stuff, but the waitress looking out the window is all that made the cut. I'm "Ed Brunson" in the ad.

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