Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Nick's Breakfast House, Brookfield

Nick's Breakfast House
9132 31st St
Brookfield, IL 60513

January 8, 2008


Nestled next to a dry cleaners and a convenience store, Nick's Breakfast House is a cozy little restaurant with less than a dozen tables, and selective offering of low-priced breakfast dishes. It's less than a mile from the Brookfield Zoo, so if you're attending the zoo on any of its free admission days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays through the end of February) out of financial necessity, Nick's might be the affordable breakfast that you've been looking for.

But I'm having trouble coming up with any other possible reason to stop by. The pancakes are adequate but nothing to write home about. My bacon strips were the most thinly sliced I've ever seen. I'd missed having my coffee earlier in the morning and was pretty desperate for some when we walked in. We arrived more than an hour before their 2:00 closing time. I was told they were done serving coffee for the day, unless I wanted the decaf they had still had left. I didn't bother to look, but maybe that steaming cup of coffee pictured on their sign has a tiny asterisk next to it.

NicksSunshine2 NicksSunshine1

Ayinsan here. Not a whole lot else to report about Nick's. The food was fine, though the menu choices were rather limited--no crepes, blintzes or anything fancy, just the usual pancake/waffle/French toast, along with assorted omelettes and skillets. I got the basic breakfast combo. Our waitress was friendly enough, and the food came very quickly, but the whole coffee thing is rather perplexing. She told us something about how her supervisor would get on her case if she brewed another pot, so it's not like they were out of coffee, they just didn't want to make anymore. If we'd decided to make a bigger deal about it, she probably would have brewed a new pot for us, but really, should you have to make a big deal about getting a cup of coffee? At a pancake restaurant?


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dave said...

Hello all...

I like breakfast places.

I've been to nicks and it's kinda cheap. In service, portion and stuff..

I'd recommend egg harbor in downtown naperville (but only their specials) and the red apple restaraunt (but only their crepes...)

after reading your return visits to the place in lombard, juicy-o... I'll give that place a go... I've never been a fan of that gelatinized glaze with fruit on pancakes... so I tend to stay away...

good page, I look forward to updates.