Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Eggman's Restaurant & Omelette House, Romeoville

Eggman's Restaurant & Omelette House
345 Independence Blvd
Romeoville, IL 60446

March 3, 2007


I used to pass this restaurant all the time on my way to Lewis University, where I took some classes a few years back. I only went into Eggman's once or twice, and I remember it being kind of scuzzy and dimly lit, with that air of quiet desperation and hopelessness that indicates a restaurant will soon be going out of business. Either my memories are inaccurate or they did some serious remodeling, because the place seemed much nicer this time around. Like Mother's, the decor had kind of a "rooster" theme going on.


I ordered a waffle combo with strawberries and whipped cream. Most restaurants will just kind of plop some whipped cream and fruit on top when you order these extras, but at Eggman's, they were artfully arranged. The waffle was good. I was not, however, a big fan of the strawberry gel (I don't know what else to call it) that they drizzled over the top. It didn't ruin the experience or anything, it just really didn't seem like something that belonged on a waffle. Strawberry syrup? Oh yeah. But strawberry gel? That's something altogether different.


With the waffle combo I also got a scrambled egg, a piece of bacon and a sausage, all good, but pretty ordinary. It's hard to screw up that kind of thing, but it's also hard to go above and beyond the norm. I mean, an egg is an egg, there's not a lot you can do to make it eggstraordinary. Unless you put lots of stuff in it, but then it ceases to become a simple egg and becomes an omelet.

Joe here. This was my first trip to Eggman's Restaurant & Omelette House. It's not much to look at outside but it's a pretty cozy and clean restaurant once you come in (as seen here in a regretfully blurry photo of the dining room). Obviously, they serve omelettes (as seen here in a regretfully incomplete snapshot of the menu), and as expected, a lot of other breakfast items too. There was a lot of Greek food on the menu too, if you like that sort of thing.


I had the basic pancake platter: 5 golden brown pancakes and nothing more. These were done very well (not to be confused with well-done), hot and fresh, like they were made on the spot just for me. What I mean is, they weren't probably weren't poured and flipped by some underpaid kid with an hourly quota to meet, as they likely are (and likely have to be) elsewhere. Or maybe they were. Yes, I have worked in food service, but never in a kitchen so what do I know.


Aesha said...

You guys are probably tired of hearing from me (should I feel like a complete idiot for finding a pancake blog is my favorite?), but I visited Richard Walker's Pancake House this weekend in Crystal Lake. There's also one in Saturday, which I guess has a slightly different menu. The one in CL was gorgeous. I know everyone loves Walker Bros (and Richard Walker is a member of that family, but started his own separate restaurant chain), but this I've eaten there a few times and this is my favorite place. The pancakes were in my opinion fantastic, and I tried my friend's apple pancake - a pancake I usually don't like - and I thought it was really great. Also, there's no kitsch on the walls, which is another reason I like it better. There's classical music playing in the restaurant... it's just a lovely place. So, if you're ever in Crystal Lake, give it a try. It was good enough that I wouldn't mind driving the 30-40 minutes to Crystal Lake or Schaumburg for breakfast!

Paul said...
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Paul said...

My wife and I tried to eat at Eggman's yeserday. My wife is only allowed to eat food from our Healthcare Clinic which is prescribed by her doctor. Her blood and other tests are done every two weeks to she how her body responds to various foods. We explained to the waitress that she would be eating her prescription food and that I would be ordering from the menu. About 10 minutes later the manager came over and asked us to leave, we explained the situation, but the manager insisted that we leave. My wife has been eating only the prescription food for about 10 months, She is a sales representative so we eat at various restaurants on the road about 4 days per week, this is the only time we have had such treatment. All other restaurants have complied with our requests.

dlp64 said...

This restaurant should be closed down. I am tired of these restaurant owners using illegal aliens to staff their kitchen and bus the tables. I have no idea how much he avoids in taxes but I bet it is well over ten thousand on an anuual basis. He should be in jail. If I did not pay my taxes they would take my stuff and throw me in the pen. The owner Ted is a loud-mouth jerk who abuses his over worked waitresses in front of the customers. Sometimes he abuses his customers. His food is very plain and ordinary and over priced. I recommend driving by this place as fast as you can drive on Route 53.

nhjsdtrjae said...

After we came in and sat down, we waited for 45 minutes for a waiter. In that 45 min, we actually went up and asked for someone to come, and they said they would send someone right up, but no one ever came, so we just left. This was the first time actually leaving a restaurant for not being asked what we would like to eat. One thing I'm going to say is to get more waiters!!!